Serious Athletes and What They Say About SPORTea®
"As an athlete I am always looking for an edge. Too often that "edge" is destructive to one's career and also to one's health. I have always abstained from such products and for many years searched for healthy and safe alternatives. I felt my quest would be in vain until I found SPORTeaŽ. Once I started drinking SPORTeaŽ regularly, I became less fatigued, was less prone to dehydration, cramped up less, and my focus in games improved. I recommended SPORTeaŽ to my teammates and many of them noticed improvements in their performances as well. Thank you for such a great product."

- Eric C. Rossman, Voorhess, NJ Professional Soccer player
“I rowed at Rutgers University. I coached rowers at the Florida Institute of Technology. I am
now paddling a flat water K-1 (Kayak) with the goal of making the National Team. I am writing because I regularly use SPORTea® for my intense training sessions and races. No product has ever given me such a perceived and measurable boost in performance. I feel more focused and energetic and I consistently perform better now while I’m working out on the
Concept II Rowing Ergometer. This is a fabulous product. Keep it coming.”

- Kip Koelsch, Sarasota, Florida Competitive Athlete
"SPORTeaŽ is really neat. Our athletes use SPORTeaŽ everyday as a training beverage.. It provides a boost in energy; truly quenches the thirst; is nutritious and perhaps most importantly, it is sustaining.a real endurance builder."

- Richard Quick, Stanford Swimming Coach '92 & '96 Olympic Swimming Coach
"SPORTeaŽ never failed to give me the lift I needed under the conditions we were exposed to on Everest."

- Dave Saas, Salt Lake City, Utah Mt. Everest Expedition Leader
Are you an athlete who uses SPORTea® to enhance your performance? Send us your story... we would love to hear from you!

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