Everyday Athletes and SPORTea®  
"My friend from Ft. Lauderdale introduced me to SPORTea® while on a visit to her home last year. The minute I tasted it..I knew I was hooked.   I LOVE the flavor.  I play a ton of tennis all year long..and find that SPORTea® is the only thing I crave while playing. Great flavor aside...it keeps my energy level high too.  I also make sure I pack it for my ski trips every year out West....but I also just drink it around the house too. I am not exaggerating...I am addicted to your product.  And by the way...people ask me all the time (usually during tennis matches) what I'm drinking (and I gladly tell them).  I guess they notice the lemon-color...or maybe
it's because I freeze a little in my water-bottle..then fill it to the top when I'm walking out the door...so there's an ice-ball of yellow floating around in the container (to keep it cold during a match).. I've actually had more than one person ask me if I had a tennis ball in my water bottle!! LONG LIVE SPORTea®!"
- Rose Northon (Des Plaines, IL)
For those who enjoy athletics, Fredrick C. Hatfield, PhD., speaks of his experience with Siberian Ginseng (EC) after taking it …in the tea form (SPORTea®): “I find the substance to be remarkable in its effects on my training stamina. The stuff works. Nuff said! Try it!”

-Muscle and Fitness Magazine

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