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Here's Why Operators Love SPORTea®

1) Uniqueness: SPORTea® differentiates your foodservice facility the same way a special decor, or a well-designed menu offering does. Now your iced tea offering can be a reason for customers to choose your restaurant over another! (See SPORTea® attributes on the right side of this page)

2) Save Money: SPORTea® consumers (96%) drink it without adding condiments (lemon, sugar, artificial sweeteners). Condiments cost 9-11¢ per glass with a black tea offering because 92% of all iced tea drinkers add condiments. So, if you get your black tea for 2¢ tea cost plus condiment cost of 9-11¢ is still 11-13¢ per glass served vs. 8¢ per glass served for SPORTea®!

3) Sell more/More profits: 8 out of 10 consumers like the taste of SPORTea®, 7 out of 10 consumers like black tea (varies a bit by brand); 4 to 5 out of 10 consumers like herb iced tea (varies by flavor and brand)... so you will sell more SPORTea® long term.

4) Broader consumer appeal/more profits:
Due to attributes like no calories and no artificial sweeteners, SPORTea®’s nutritious make up, and it’s energizing and stress fighting qualities, while at the same time being a decaff equivalent offering... more consumers are attracted to this beverage and therefore to the iced tea category than with a regular black tea offering. Thus, more glass sales of your iced tea which is traditionally one of the most profitable areas of the restaurant.

5) Environmentally Conscious: All natural SPORTea® comes packaged in recycled packaging, provides positive nutritional attributes, and a % of every profit dollar earned by UPP, Inc. is committed to Clean Air Environmental programs worldwide.

6) Add-on-sales: SPORTea® is an interesting product and can be a subject for positive dialogue between your wait staff and your customers. A good dialogue between staff and customers has been shown to be a key factor for add-on-sales in foodservice environments.

7) Repeat Business: A special glass of iced tea can be as good a reason to choose a particular restaurant for lunch as a great salad, a good burger, or an exotic alcoholic beverage. SPORTea® customers do get committed to the product, that is good for the restaurant! Look what consumer commitment to their french fries did for McDonald’s?

8) The Best Competitive Beverage:          
SPORTea® is favored by many five star restaurants simply because it has no aftertaste  – they claim SPORTea® is the only beverage that is clean to the pallet, other than water and they do not make money on water, right!?!          

SPORTea® will let your foods tastes come through and not cloud the pallet like the tannic in black teas, the flavors in herb teas, the sugars in sodas, etc.  SPORTea® is clean, thirst quenching, refreshing... and leaves no aftertaste!

9) Alternative Beverage: SPORTea® can also be offered to your customers who would prefer to be energized without tons of caffiene because SPORTea® is a decaff equivalent and stil energizes customers. You attract more customers to your iced tea category... more sales... more profits!

Here's Why Customers Love SPORTea®

1) Special Taste: Bold, Zippy, Citrus Sweet flavor that 8 out of 10 people like... Not just another Iced tea!

2) Energizer: The Siberian Ginseng in SPORTea® is a natural energizer, not just  another artificial booster with a ton of sugar, fructose, or caffeine ... this is a natural, lasting good feeling boost derived from greater overall bodily systems efficiency. Just what everyone needs for our overloaded, fast paced daily lives
and no let do
wn... Not just another Iced tea!

3) Nutritious: SPORTea® is a blend of premium imported teas, plus it replenishes trace minerals (electrolytes) which everyone depletes daily. SPORTea® contains 100% of the U.S. RDA Vitamin C daily requirement in every 6 oz glass. SPORTea® is a DECAFF equivalent and a great DIET drink as it contains “0” calories and no artificial sweeteners either... Not just another Iced tea!

4) Thirst quenching: No aftertaste. SPORTea® is like water with lots of good stuff in it! Not just another Iced tea!

5) Stress fighter: The Siberian Ginseng in SPORTea® is an adaptogen and enhances overall bodily system functioning/performance which helps to minimize the effects of stress. The Vitamin C in SPORTea® helps keep customers from feeling run down. The Ginger helps circulation and is soothing. Potassium helps to keep muscles from cramping.
Not just another Iced tea!


A sampling of operators serving iced SPORTea® by the glass daily

Marriott Desert Springs Desert Springs, California
Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort Orlando, FL
MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada
Tabard Inn Washington, DC
Coffee & Tea:
Baltimore Coffee & Tea Timonium, Maryland
The Market Denver, Colorado
Bongo Java Coffeehouse Nashville, Tennessee
Keystone Coffee Fredericksburg, Virginia
Fairfax Coffee Roastery Fairfax, California
Fido Coffee Nashville, Tennessee
Gong Fu Tea & Coffee Des Moines, Iowa
Priscilla's Gourmet Coffee Burbank, California
Fog City Diner San Francisco, California
Yum! Minneapolis, Minnesota
Candle 79th New York, New York
Takah Sushi Aspen, Colorado
Bernie's Restaurant & Café St. Croix, USVI
MonTrio Monterey, California
Beano's Cabin Vail-Beavercreek, Colorado
Rio Grill Carmel, California
Water Lily Café Topanga, California
Lucky 13 Boise, Idaho
Healthy Candle Café New York, New York
Cherry Creek Grill Café Denver, Colorado
Café Blossom New York, New York
Birchwood Café Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lambruscoz Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat Leavenworth, Washington
Lodge at Woodloch Hawley, Pennsylvania
Sandwiches & Bagels:
Pearl Street Bagels Jackson, Wyoming
Cozy Tulsa, Oklahoma
Oakville Grocery Napa, California
Val's Wild Tomato

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